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B E T H   D E F I N E S   B E A U T Y 

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All Natural Hair Care Products

Introducing Beth Defines Beauty! we are passionate about natural hair care! Our Hand-made All-natural Hair Care Products are derived from Earth-grown plants, herbs, and essential oils to nurture, protect, promote and maintain healthy hair growth even while wearing protective styles. Experience the best in quality and care for your hair by trying our products today.

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Inspired By Nature

The difference in our products is that all our ingredients are handpicked and meticulously crafted for every product we make. Our hand-made natural hair care products are derived from and inspired by nature to ultimately give you real results in maintaining and retaining healthy hair growth, hair length, hair strength and the integrity of your hair.

Join us on this journey towards healthier, stronger, longer & more beautiful hair. 

THe #1 Hair
care braider in 

Offering braiding and natural services to women who desire to build confidence with the power of their beauty!


the genesis of our tale: 'what set us apart' 

We pride ourselves on offering exceptional natural hair care products that harness the power of Mother Nature's finest ingredients. Our mission is to assist you in achieving lustrous, manageable hair that exudes confidence and radiance. Our tale commences when our visionary founder, Dr. Imebet, embarked on a quest to alleviate her daughter's distressing battle with eczema-induced dryness. The sight of bald patches and uneven hair growth on her little one's head during grooming sessions was utterly disheartening. Determined to find a solution, Dr. Imebet delved into meticulous research, drawing inspiration from her Caribbean heritage and experimenting with countless products. Eventually, she discovered a team that perfectly aligned with her vision and aspirations and a breakthrough remedy that restored her daughter's hair to its former vitality and manageability. Fuelled by her daughter's remarkable transformation, Dr. Imebet resolved to launch a range of natural hair care products that not only served her personal needs but also catered to the diverse clientele facing challenges such as stunted hair growth. And thus, Beth Defines Beauty Hair Products was born. We firmly believe that healthy hair is the cornerstone of true beauty, and our unwavering commitment lies in delivering unparalleled products and an extraordinary customer experience. We cordially invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us by experiencing the magic of our product line. Thank you for entrusting us with your hair care requirements.


Amina Love

I’m telling you, Beth Defines Beauty is the real deal! Ive been using natural products for well of 10+ years and have seen my fair share of formulas; but NOTHING…. compares to the immediate hydration I got from day ONE since using these products! Normally shampoo makes my hair dry and thirsty, but with the aloe and avocado shampoo my curls were POPPIN and defined!!! I was shocked!!! So of course I grabbed the WHOLE hair growth collection! It’s perfect for my hair needs and with my TWA , I’m looking for products that WORK while I’m growing my hair back! I KNOW my length will be here in no time and fully healthy thanks to BDB!! Everything is definitely “made with Love”

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