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If you're looking for more than simple to start with, then this system is for you! Our deluxe starter collection is perfect if you want to sample more of our products. This system works well together and this is super hydrating and moisturizing for your hair. Healthy hair starts with a healthy scalp and in this system we have exfoliators and scalp balms to heal, nourish, replenish, revitalize and moisturized your scalp and hair.


Say goodbye to dry and dull and damaged hair and Yes to hydrated, moisturized, beautiful hair. Our products are infused with natural herbs, plants and essential oils to nurture scalp and boost hair growth. You will thank us later!


Handmade with Love




Moisture Rose Clay Curl Cleansing Cream 8oz

Moisture Rose Clay Deep Conditioner 8oz

Hibiscus & Rose Leave-in Conditioner 8oz

Aloe Shea Butter All-IN-1 Styling Cream 8oz

Hibiscus Exfoliator salt scalp scrub 8oz

Intense Deep Conditioner Treatment 12oz

Babbassu & Burdock Hair Moist. 8oz

Moringa & Spinach Oil Growth Balm 8oz

Mega Growth Stimulating Oil 4oz


Handmade With Love


Made in USA.

Deluxe Starter Collection

SKU: Delu-Coll-BDB-09
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