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who we are

Welcome to Beth Defines Beauty Salon! We are a small business located in Atlanta, Georgia that believes in the power of all-natural beauty. We are a full-service natural hair salon offering services in natural hair styling, braiding and other related service to women who desire to build confidence with the power of their beauty. We are passionate about providing handmade, earth-grown hair care products that will help nurture your hair for optimal growth.

At Beth Defines Beauty Salon, we understand that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We are committed to helping you define and redefine your beauty and provide products that are safe and effective for all hair types. Our products are formulated with natural ingredients that will nourish and protect your hair, while providing long-lasting shine and health. Our mission is to provide quality products and services that are both innovative and inspiring, and we are so proud that we are now offering handmade products that are tailored to fit your unique needs. Our products are created with the highest quality natural ingredients and are formulated to ensure maximum results. Our services are designed to be both comfortable and convenient so that you can experience the ultimate in hair braiding and natural hairstyle experience.

We understand that beauty comes from within, and we take pride in our commitment to making sure that you look and feel your best. We invite you to explore our products and services and find the perfect style for you. Thank you for choosing Beth Defines Beauty and we look forward to helping you discover the beauty within and build your confidence through the power of that beauty.



MEET the founder

Imebet Thompson believes that everyone is beautiful, and that beauty should be defined on one's own terms. She believes every woman can rock beautiful, vibrant, and breath-taking hair that allows them to embrace themselves with confidence, class, and style. Imebet believes a woman should never have to sacrifice the health of her natural hair for the versatility of looks she desires. Therefore, she became the founder of 'Beth Defines Beauty Hair Products' a hand-made natural hair care line derived from all natural herbs and essential oils that will equip every woman to maintain and retain their hair's length, strength, and healthier hair even with doing braids or any other protective styles.

Over the years her fingers have gained a gentle and beautiful touch and those who she encounters have not only seen the quality of her work, but also experienced it and that experience has never left them. Having started her journey first at home and in her community in Kingston, Jamaica her birth Country, she worked as an assistant, shampoo girl, then soon after a Braid Stylist at a local salon.  After she migrated to the U.S.A the path was set for her to pursue her mission in helping women achieve gorgeous hairstyles they can wear. 

She mastered her skills in braiding, locs and natural hair care and took tremendous number of classes in other areas such as: cutting, curling, styling, weaves, wigs, and makeup artistry. She never stops educating herself about the fast-growing industry. 

While continuing her path, Imebet finds joy and comfort in being a follower of Jesus Christ, a wife to an amazing husband, mama to four beautiful children, entrepreneur, business owner and educator. As she looks forward to building an empire, she has created a large client-based following through demanding work and dedication with her love for hair keeps growing. She's been featured in local magazines in NYC, authored articles and books on hair care and worked at NYCFW as a makeup artist. She now resides in Atlanta and she's still making strides in the industry. In 2018 she brings Beth Defines Beauty Salon to life, won first place grand prize winner for her first competition at the Afrolicious Natural Hair Expo and have worked on set with Tiny and TI's VH1 TV show 'family and friends hustle.' She's now making her mark in the beauty industry as she's becoming one of the top celebrity natural hairstylist and braider with a clientele list that includes Waka Floka, Tammy Rivera, LIL' Mo, Lil' Baby, Essence Atkins, Kim Fields, Angell Conwell, Brandy Norwood, Nadine Valezquez, Precious Way, Rhona Bennett from Envogue Music Group, Adriyan Rae, and Priah Ferguson from Stranger Things.


Imebet's passion and expertise for both beautiful hair & having amazing hair products, is an attainable luxury. She looks forward to the platform she now has and as her business grows, she believes the best is yet to come!

Her Philosophy - Women are created special and unique. We can rock beautiful, vibrant, and breath-taking hair and hairstyles that allow us to embrace ourselves and build confidence with the power of our beauty.


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