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Our Stimulating Deep Conditioner is designed to be a scalp detoxing product. This combination of clarifying ingredients will grow your hair faster & strengthen hair! Our conditioner delicately detangles knots to combat dry & brittle hair.


Infused with:

Chebe Powder


Grapeseed Oil




Our Chebe based deep conditioner perfectly blends all natural ingredients to maximize length retention and boost healthy hair growth. If you're looking for a product to help with your hair growth and provide real results; look no further! You can't go wrong with our Mega Growth Stimulating Conditioner and Shampoo!


Pair these with our Mega Growth Stimulating Oil and Shampoo; we recommend getting the entire set to see maximum results!

Handmade With Love. Every Strand Matters!


Excellent for all hair types.


Size: 8oz Cosmo Round bottle. (240ml)


For more details about the all-natural ingredients in our products, click here

Mega Growth Stimulating Deep Conditioner

SKU: Meg/Con/BDB/006
  • Pour a small amount into hands, rub together, then apply to wet hair massaging into scalp and hair from roots to ends. Sit under hair dryer for 15-25mins if desired then rinse!

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