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Event Recap: Taliah Waajid World Natural Hair + 25% off!

Updated: Jun 2, 2023

Did you get a chance to attend Taliah Waajid's World Natural Hair this past weekend?

If not, we got the tea on one of the largest natural hair shows in the U.S!

This show attracted well-known businesses such Walmart, Ambi, Cream of Nature & many more. To say the least, Beth Defines beauty hair products felt right at home!

We were right across from Mane N’ Tail, and traffic was consistently moving! We are always grateful to interact with customers doing our famous smell test. One our highest sellers for this event was the Dynamic Duo Growth Stimulating Oils, which are The mega growth stimulating oil and Aloe Vera & Avocado Hair Growth Elixir.

One of the big attention-grabbers was Imebet doing a live-demo of dry flex rods on her daughters’ hair. Imebet’s daughters are actually the catalyst behind Beth Defines Beauty hair products. Imebet used her Hibiscus & Rose Clay Leave-in Conditioner, Mega growth stimulating oil, Aloe & Shea Butter All-in-1 Moisturizing Styling Cream, and Babbassu Oil & Burdock Root Daily Moisturizing Cream on freshly washed hair to achieve the look below in just 20 minutes.

It’s beautiful to see how thick & full her hair has grown from BDB hair products!

This was our first time exhibiting at this show, and we learned so much. We’re consistently thinking about better ways to adjust how we offer products. So please feel free to leave reviews. Your feedback only makes us better. We want to continue doing live demo's and getting the chance to do the hair of event-goers as well! Imebet actually had the pleasure of doing an attendee's hair at the booth for discounted price (1st photo in slide below).

For more photos from this event, follow @naturalhairshow.

Don’t forget to get your hair essentials for Up to 25% off on selected products. No code necessary.

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