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Each One, Teach One: Collaborating in All-Natural hair care to inspire prevention & change!

As more people embrace their natural hair textures and seek products that are free from harmful chemicals, the need for partnerships and collaboration within this industry has become increasingly important.

Although All-natural hair care has been becoming a forefront thought, exposure and education is still needed. By collaborating with fellow naturalist, this allows for both parties to bring awareness to why all-natural hair care is important. Messaging around the long-term effects about toxic ingredients will reach a greater audience, which will benefit every one involved.

Each One, Teach One.

black women collaborating

Partnerships can help foster innovation in the all-natural hair care industry. By bringing together professionals from different fields, such as scientists, hairstylists, and entrepreneurs, new ideas can be generated, leading to the development of groundbreaking products and techniques. For example, collaboration between a trichologist and a cosmetic chemist can result in the creation of a revolutionary scalp treatment that addresses specific hair concerns, such as dryness or dandruff. Similarly, a partnership between a hair salon and a product manufacturer can lead to the creation of customized hair care regimens tailored to individual clients' needs.

Recently, BDB Hair Products was selected to participate in The Pink Pledge. The Pink Pledge is a campaign launched by Hairtage dedicated to curating a non-toxic collection of hair products for women with of all hair types but especially Black women. Hairtage's mission is to educated women on the hormone imbalances that can occur from unregulated chemicals in hair care. Ignoring the intake of these toxins can create the environment for breast cancer to thrive in. Doctor K, CEO & Founder of Hairtage, is leading the way in combating long-term illnesses by encouraging women to make incremental changes in their habits like paying more attention to the labels on your hair care bottles! BDB's Hibiscus Exfoliating hair scrub is featured in Hairtage x Hair package, which will contain a full wash day kit for the naturalist!


Here's what the CEO & Founder of Hairtage had to say about our partnership:

"I reached out to Dr. Imebet Thompson @bethdefinesbeauty of @bdbhairproducts not only because she is from my hometown of Kingston, Jamaica (🇯🇲represent!) but because of her undeniable dedication to her craft.

She is a celebrity master hair braider (she’s braided the @brandy and currently braids @officialmissrnb hair of @envoguemusic!) and natural hair stylist based in Atlanta, who started her line of products to help her daughter who was struggling with eczema which caused patches of her hair to fall out.

A big part of why I wanted Beth to be a part of the Pink Pledge was because she’s not just about selling products but also takes the time to care for her clients natural hair and educating them on how they can care for their hair also.

This is so crucial because going into Black hair salons have been a traumatic experience in the past where the approach was often to tame or fix my hair rather than care for it. I have learnt the hard way that not all Black hair dressers know how to do Black hair (most don’t actually). But Beth is different. And her results speak for themselves when you see her daughters hair now.

Beth you can bless my hair any day and thank you for being a part of this campaign"


We are here to guide, educate, and provide community. Always remember to do your own research before committing to a hair care line. <3

black woman with locs on a laptop

For more information on The Pink Pledge, click here

Happy Breast Cancer Awareness Month!

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